Law Enforcement Training and Consulting:

  • • Asssest forfeiture
  • • Money laundering
  • • Financial investigations techniques

Banks and Financial Instutions Training and Consulting:

  • • Bank secrecy act
  • • FINCEN regulations & requirements
  • • Asssest forfeiture
  • • Money laundering
  • • Patriot act requirements

The Latest

John LaFear

Follow The Money: An Essential Investigative Approch

Upon completion of this course law enforcement agents, prosecutors and banking officials will be able to determine if money laundering and currency violations can assist them in expanding their prosecution base through adding additional targets and whether asset forfeiture provisions of these statutes are appropriate.


Benefits of the course

Upon completion of this course, law enforcement personnel will be able to determine how the presence of money laundering and currency violations can assist them in potential forfeitures and/or prosecution of the perpetrators. For certain, "all" participants in attendance will begin to "think differently" about how they approach their investigations.


Next web seminar

Keep checking back for the announcement of my latest web seminar! It is stressed that the techniques taught in my "Follow the Money" course can greatly assist enforcement personnel not only in solving their cases, but also in identifying various other illegal schemes. The topics covered during the seminar are extremely effective for documenting and proving the existence of fraud and currency violations.